Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flyin' Saucers Rock and Roll

Oddly enough, Flyin' Saucers Rock and Roll was very nearly the original title of this blog. Ultimately, it was deemed too URL awkward, but it completely encapsulated the spirit of what I wanted to express- mashing together the wild abandon of rock and roll with a embrace of the unknown.

I started this blog about 6 years ago but eventually let it go fallow. I had recently been thinking about resurrecting it, but it took a sad headline to prompt be to get off my ass and finally do it. Billy Lee Riley is one of the founding fathers of rock and roll. One of the original Sun Recording artists, he played a wild, frantic brand of rockabilly that is still relevant 50 years later. Of course, his best known song was 1957's "Flyin' Saucers Rock and Roll," arguably one of the greatest rock and roll songs of all time. Seriously.

Anyway, Billy Lee Riley has fallen on hard times. A post by the also legendary Charlie Musselwhite has been making the rounds, I picked it up from the Anti Records blog who got it from Tom Waits, which gives you a sense of how far this guy's impact was felt. I am reprinting it as is:

Riley is one of the remaining original Sun Records artists, Is in VERY bad need of help! Billy has had his share of health problems, and is now battling Stage FOUR bone cancer. Although musicares is helping with house payment, car and such, He and Joyce are totally out of money and can barely afford to eat. This is a CALL FOR HELP to all musicians and fans. Please remember, twenty bucks from all of us would make a HUGE difference in Billy’s life! What if this was you? Let’s all get together and send something today to Billy and Joyce and show them that he means alot to us. If you have a website, a facebook or myspace, please post this need for help on it! We can’t save the world, but it will mean alot in Billy Lee’s life!

His Address is:

Billy Lee Riley
723 Crest Drive
Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401

Monday, June 13, 2005

Would you like some jesus juice with that....?

A mysterious prowling animal kills wantonly.

On a lighter note Michael Jackson does not molest children.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

ET Buy Home!

Company offers $1 million dollar bounty on the first extraterrestrial mortgage. They could end up sorry.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Mysterious mirage appears off coast in Guangdong

Mysterious mirage appears off coast in Guangdong

Just recently it was discovered that in the maritime waters of China’s Guangdong Province, a mirage was spotted. It can be seen clearly as a small islet with a number of mountains and even a structure that looks like a castle. As it mysteriously appeared, it also left the same way only to have appeared for a bit of over three hours.

Gazing out into the sea from the fishing village, far, far out in the deep blue sea is this rarely seen mirage. It’s getting dimmer by the minute and the mirage is starting to blur out of sight. But a small islet can still be clearly seen where there are a number of mountains and according to villagers, the mirage was seen for as long as three hours.

When it first appeared, a castle-like structure could be seen nestled on top of the mountains with a city wall. But as the sun was setting, the mirage faded with only faint lines discernable.

One scholar said that images seen in the air generally appear inverted, and the phenomenon is due to the reflection of light through two layers of air of different temperature. Light is reflected from far away objects and refracted into your eyes. Shen Quan Town of Guangdong is where mirages are mostly spotted. But this time, it’s these images that were captured to leave a most unforgettable experience for the people who encountered it.

Aliens not invading Australia...this time!

Obvious government disinformation agents debunk Black Triangle sighting.

We're not having it.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Cost of War

The Naked Chef?

The Raelians lead a nude protest in defense of genetically modified food.

Image hosted by

ET Phone Home

"Hello, do you have rings around Uranus?"

Hello aliens, this is Earth calling

Talk to

I wonder if they can get the Yankees games on this?