Tuesday, March 15, 2005

ET Buy Home!

Company offers $1 million dollar bounty on the first extraterrestrial mortgage. They could end up sorry.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Mysterious mirage appears off coast in Guangdong

Mysterious mirage appears off coast in Guangdong

Just recently it was discovered that in the maritime waters of China’s Guangdong Province, a mirage was spotted. It can be seen clearly as a small islet with a number of mountains and even a structure that looks like a castle. As it mysteriously appeared, it also left the same way only to have appeared for a bit of over three hours.

Gazing out into the sea from the fishing village, far, far out in the deep blue sea is this rarely seen mirage. It’s getting dimmer by the minute and the mirage is starting to blur out of sight. But a small islet can still be clearly seen where there are a number of mountains and according to villagers, the mirage was seen for as long as three hours.

When it first appeared, a castle-like structure could be seen nestled on top of the mountains with a city wall. But as the sun was setting, the mirage faded with only faint lines discernable.

One scholar said that images seen in the air generally appear inverted, and the phenomenon is due to the reflection of light through two layers of air of different temperature. Light is reflected from far away objects and refracted into your eyes. Shen Quan Town of Guangdong is where mirages are mostly spotted. But this time, it’s these images that were captured to leave a most unforgettable experience for the people who encountered it.

Aliens not invading Australia...this time!

Obvious government disinformation agents debunk Black Triangle sighting.

We're not having it.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Cost of War

The Naked Chef?

The Raelians lead a nude protest in defense of genetically modified food.

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ET Phone Home

"Hello, do you have rings around Uranus?"

Hello aliens, this is Earth calling

Talk to Aliens.com

I wonder if they can get the Yankees games on this?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Priest Convicted in Anal Probe Shocker

Defense witness Dr. Neil Blumberg cited Stokes' statements in medical records that he was possessed by evil spirits, felt as though he was Jesus Christ and had been abducted by aliens as a child.

"He reported seeing dead people, hearing their voices," Blumberg testified.

The aliens at the end of my garden

...Extraterrestrial visitation is the faith of rural hicks in the American Deep South or of lonely English teenage nerds who can't getgirlfriends...

Times Online - Sunday Times

Brian Appleyard offers an op-ed piece plugging his new book, which in turn seems to get good notices.

Beware the aliens beyond Kirk's ken

...Like strange objects glowing in the night sky, inexplicable events and bizarre characters throng the pages of this book.The Archangels Uriel and Raphiel, once known as Ruth and Norman, preside over an interplanetary confederation in San Diego. Herds of cattle are relocated hundreds of miles overnight.A bestselling author is given an anal probe by extraterrestrials ...


Saturday, March 05, 2005

"Just in the mood to run in the nude"

...The Spokeswoman of Rael,
in an interview one recent afternoon, qualified this.
''We may be hiding the nipples and genital area,''
she said.``Like with a butterfly, or with flowers.'...

Foxy UFO Cultists Plan Nude Romp...I'm cool with that.

Read more

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Friday, March 04, 2005

..."One thing that makes me believe in UFOs is, sometimes I lose stuff"--Steven Wright

It's Raining Cats and Dogs

This may have replaced this at the top of my list of things that make me glad I am human.

Shout at the Devil

This points out some things worth considering. To summarize: Superior Alien Beings Travel Millions of Light Years to Mock Christianity...oh yeah, and to stick things up our butts.

"The bizarre actions of these supposedly advanced beings need to be considered:

* They kidnap, paralyze, physically abuse and often sexually molest humans
* Often times they abduct women, and impregnate them, only to steal the child a couple months into the pregnancy
* They condemn Jesus Christ and attempt to undermine faith in God
* They promote New Age philosophy through "contactees" (channelers)

This is not exactly what we would expect from a highly evolved race of intergalactic

...there is a wealth of information that
quite clearly exposes the true nature :
of the "aliens"
they are just another satanic deception.

travelers. And there are still other factors that don't add up:

* Military radar has never recorded a UFO entering our atmosphere
* No two UFOs ever appear exactly alike, which suggests that they use their craft only once
* Some UFOs break into pieces and merge into one; others have been seen passing through physical objects and vanishing
* Most ufos emit no sound whatsoever

There really is no hard evidence that UFOs are actually physical objects, and with these factors I have just mentioned in mind, it seems even more unlikely. It seems that beings such as these who claim to be so advanced and evolved would be civilized as well. However, they are not civilized beings at all, but rather are cruel towards humans and hostile towards Christianity (which they have attempted to discredit without ceasing). And yet, to do these trivial things the aliens have supposedly traveled millions of light years.

Another curious aspect of the alien abductee phenomenon is the fact that the aliens always return their victims. These beings do not show any mercy towards our humanity in other ways, and yet, the abductees are always left to tell their story. This simply would not make sense if the beings truly were extraterrestrial.

It is improbable for these and so many other reasons that we have ever been visited by a superior race from another planet. Yet there is a wealth of information that quite clearly exposes the true nature of the "aliens": they are just another satanic deception."

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Vote early, vote often

This might cause me to rethink my vote for Kerry.

Rock Lobster

Japan has officially entered the search for alien life. They are apparently appropriating state-run radio telescopes for the endeavour, but only allowing a week for results. All of this is very interesting but a fat lot of good it did for Bubba the lobster. The leviathan of a lobster apparently didn't survive the transition from seafood store to zoo. Speaking of food, this case certainly could explain some, if not all, of the cattle mutilations. If not, this onecertainly might.While on the subject of endangered species, Nebraska Senator Ernis Chambers has put forth a measure prohibiting the hunting of Big Foot. Apparently cheesed off about some sort of anti-hunting legislation, Chambers has filed 35 motions requesting protected status for a variety of things including Noah's Ark, the wreckage of Amelia Earhart's plane, the Holy Grail, and Osama Bin Laden.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

HOLY COW! ABC News: The UFO Phenomenon -- Seeing Is Believing

ABC News: The UFO Phenomenon -- Seeing Is Believing was a sweeps week monster, garnering over 11 million viewers.

Still a look at the ABC website revealed that their story about it was third in popularity as far as emailed links. This was number one, which says something...although I am not sure what.

Stairway to Heaven's Gate

39 dead web designers all wearing matching sneakers...if that's not the making of a conspiracy theory I don't know what is!

UFOs, Comets, Castration, and Kookiness! Their website is still online...although recruitment is (presumably) slightly down.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Q: What do aliens wear to posh weddings?

A: Space suits