Thursday, January 13, 2005

Oooh Baby, Baby It's a Wild World

Conspiracy theories have begun to bubble under regarding the recent tsunami, with some speculation that perhaps we were witnessing the effects of some sort of advanced weapons test. The India Daily has issued a series of articles and editorials that allege everything from willful Western negligence to Extraterrestrial orbital correction.

"Recent alien contacts have been reported with the South Asian Governments especially India. UFO sightings have been rampant over the region affected. Some in Nicobar Island say that it was an experiment conducted by the alien extra-terrestrial entities to correct the wobbly rotation of the earth. And some of the Indian scientists are actually seeing that wobbly rotation of the earth has been corrected since the massive underwater earthquake and Tsunami."

Certain quarters of the Arab world have seemingly latched onto the idea that there is something sinister afoot blaming the United States, and Israel among others. Hey, why not? We have seen stranger lately.

While we are not ones to turn our nose up at a good conspiracy, we haven't quite figured out who was responsible for the massive destruction and loss of life when Krakatoa blew in 1883. The casualty figures were comparable and the blast was seen as far away as Paris. The massive explosion, subsequent tsunami, and resulting climate change suggests powerful forces not known to man at the time, unless we consider the possible involvement of Nikolas Tesla.

Perhaps it might sense to consider the Islamic extremists themselves. We recently saw former Folk rocker turned Islamist bigwig Cat Stevens making international headlines when he was refused entry to the United States because of his inclusion on a “terrorist watch list.” Is it possible that the terrorist troubadour had already been on a different sort of Alien watch list? Was Cat Stevens abducted by Aliens? If so, do they have a hand in the current state of World affairs?

“One night I was lying back in bed," Cat Stevens once claimed, "and I saw this flying saucer shoot across the sky and stop over me. And it sucked me up into it. When it put me down, I shot up in bed. I knew it wasn't a dream. It didn't feel like a dream. It was real, I know it was real..."—Cat Stevens

Several of Cat Stevens hit albums featured lyrics about UFOs but none as prophetic as these lines from Longer Boats from 1970's multi-platinum smash Tea For the Tillerman.

"Longer boats are coming to win us
Hold on to the shore, they'll be taking the key from the door."

After gamely trying to destroy the world through the proliferation of Soft Rock during the 1970's, could invading extraterrestrials be upping the stakes somewhat?

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